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WHY Work

sometimes when i am driving i look into the rearview and think how did i get here? --last time i looked i was 17 and crossing my fingers my VW had enough gas.  well it got me here.

I love common sense and innovation and I apply this to how I  like to work--I truly believe collaboration is key.  You know your business and I know marketing, if  we work together, it will be a partnership. I like to think of it as Batman & Robin or my ying to your yang.  


As a marketer I think beyond the tactics.  I know Instagram and websites are key business tools and gorgeous to look at but what gets me really excited is STRATEGY. I love strategy, and that is why I am a marketer at heart.   The WHY,  the WHAT, and the HOW drive me and I want to dive deep and uncover insights and do my research before any of the design work gets done.


I don't just jump into create mode--don't get me wrong, it's a super fun place to be,  but only if you are there for the right reasons.  I ask questions (sometimes they are hard), I do the research,  I understand your brand and your business and then we discuss where you want to be. Then we create a roadmap to get there--and then we do.

Working with people who are passionate about their craft is inspiring and fascinating.  I find it incredibly rewarding to help people tell their story and define their brand while chasing market success.  

Although marketing isn't new to me, this hands on approach is. I've been a marketer for more years than I want to count. [Ssh! If you really want to know, I'll tell you ] Let's just say, I have a lot of experience. I spent most of time working in the the corporate world, then I taught marketing at BCIT and freelanced for several years and now I am here--working with you.

My previous work: BCIT/ ScotiaMcLeod/Powershifter/HSBC/TELUS/UBC/ROYAL BANK

Branding & Strategy

Instead of worrying about whether you should be on Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest or Facebook- we can work together to figure out what works for your business, for your brand and we will create a strategic plan that fits your goals--and it. may be different or similar to what you though. We will make it simple but not simplified--we will take on what we can master. 


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Digital Marketing

I can help you navigate digital tactics & choose what works for your business - from  SEO, content marketing, email marketing, social media, creating your story and more. We will come up with a plan that works for your business.

WIX Website Build 

From conception to implementation, I can work with you to create a website for your small business that ultimately you will be able to manage. I work with WIX because it is a robust platform, but an easy to use tool. You can take it over and go solo, or collaborate with or if it really is daunting, I can maintain it.  There are lots of path to success here. 


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