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Deep Cove

North Vancouver, BC

Tel. 778.834.6424


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  • Do you have your rates posted?
    I have a variable rate - work for strategy and work for maintenance and design. Depending on projects I will discuss rates and provide an estimate for all work done.
  • Do you have references?
    Yes I do! Please connect and I will happily provide you with contact information for clients I have worked for.
  • Can I afford you? This looks good but I am a small business
    I understand you are a small business and I work collaboratively to understand your budget, timelines and expertise to contribute the project. If you are thinking about it please reach out and we can discuss the project.
  • Do you have package deals
    Yes, I do. Please reach out and we can review what works for you. But remember I always spend some time on strategy so let's connect and see what you need.
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